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Our Doctors

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Dr. Greg White


Hometown: Ripley, TN

Family/Personal Interests:
Wife (Michele), 4 Kids (Jane Katherine, Andrew, Madeline, Sarah Grace). Enjoys spending weekends boating with his family and their friends at Lake Cumberland.

Fun Fact(s):
Dr. White grew up on a farm in West Tennessee. He also, co-founded the company that invented, produced, and sold what is still the world’s #1 selling custom breast prosthesis for post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors.

Schools & Graduation Years (Undergrad, Dental, Residency):
Transylvania (1984)
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (1988)
Orthodontic Residency at University of Kentucky (1991)

head shot image of doctor Rambo

Dr. Julie Rambo Vinton


Hometown: Lexington, KY

Family/Personal Interests:  
Husband (Scott Vinton), 2 sons (Bryce and Lucas).  Spends her weekends watching her boys play baseball, soccer, basketball, and swim.  Enjoys running 5Ks, going to Tabata classes at the gym, and reading/volunteering at her son’s school, Veteran’s Park.

Fun Fact(s):  
She was Valedictorian of her graduating class at Tates Creek High School.  

Schools & Graduation Years (Undergrad, Dental, Residency):
Transylvania University (2000)
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (2004)
Orthodontic Residency at Saint Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education (2006)

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Jenna Hatch
Jenna Hatch
22:11 26 Feb 18
I was a patient of Dr. Maggard 16 years ago. The permanent retainer that was affixed at the conclusion of my orthodontic treatment has lasted me 16 years and on the rare occasion that I have to have something in my mouth tweaked, the dentists and orthodontists rave about the quality of work my orthodontist did, "whoever he was", the quality of materials, and the great work done to straighten my teeth and keep them straight. Definitely money well spent (by my parents...) as a teenager.
Danielle Sedlacek
Danielle Sedlacek
00:39 05 Aug 17
If I would have known they only had certain times for follow up visits for braces I probably would have chosen somewhere else. It's just so hard to be seen here, if you have a busy work or school schedule it's near impossible. There have been a few times I almost had to push my appointments back a month because they don't seem to accommodate those who work! Saturday and late afternoon or evening appointments for follow ups would be helpful.
Wendy Bender
Wendy Bender
20:48 18 May 17
I live in VA and my daughter attends UK, she had braces once before that did not end well. Not being from Lexington I wasn't sure who to go to, other than to put a message out on Facebook looking for recommendations. From the moment I called to the treatment plan to working out the finances was excellent!!! The office has been very accommodating with her school and work schedule. Always there to answer my questions.
Jamie Haddix
Jamie Haddix
13:12 08 Jun 18
Had my treatment here last year and I am very happy with my final results. The staff was very helpful, anytime I had a problem they would get me right in! I would highly recommend coming here! Amazing people and practice!
Ellie Buford
Ellie Buford
14:24 08 Jun 18
Having just finished being the third person in my family to have braces at White, Greer and Maggard, I would like to highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality work from a professional team. The three of us were all seen at the Beaumont location in Lexington, KY. We could not be any happier with the outcome we each experienced over the many years spent at White, Greer and Maggard!
Amber Snell
Amber Snell
14:27 08 Jun 18
My husband and I received treatment with White, Greer, and Maggard, we both were completely satisfied. The staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone to receive treatment here.
Hope Scott
Hope Scott
14:28 08 Jun 18
This office Rock!!! Great friendly service and the staff and the doctors are Awesome.
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Meet Dr. Brent Maggard!

Hometown: South Shore, KY

Schools & Graduation Years (Undergrad, Dental, Residency)
University of Kentucky (1993)
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (1997)
Orthodontic Residency at State University of
New York at Buffalo (1999)

Family/Personal Interests:
Wife (Stacie), 4 sons (Nathan, Matthew, Conner, Andrew). Enjoys coaching youth baseball, Fishing, and Frenchy's Grouper sandwiches with his feet in the sand on beautiful Clearwater Beach.

Fun Fact(s):
Born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Loves baseball so much that he put in a permanent full size diamond in his backyard - Field of Dreams style!

#wgmortho #docsofwgmortho

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