Anyone who has enjoyed any type of cosmetic upgrade knows the power of self-confidence. It’s a freeing feeling to let go of insecurity and be able to smile and laugh more easily. That’s especially true when your smile is what used to make you feel insecure.

Fortunately, smile security may be easier to come by than you think. There are plenty of orthodontic options in Lexington so you can choose the solution that fits best into your life.

1. Traditional Metal Braces

When most people think of braces, they think of metal braces.

With these braces, our orthodontic team attaches a metal bracket to each tooth with a dental adhesive. There are wires between each bracket that put just enough pressure on your teeth to move them little by little.

There are pros and cons to these braces. They are the most cost-effective, which is why you see them so often. They are also capable of fixing a wide range of misalignments.

At the same time, metal braces are very noticeable. Kids and teens often don’t mind this because braces are so common among their peers that they don’t feel the need to hide their own. Adults, on the other hand, are more hesitant about metal braces.

2. Clear Braces

For people who want to adjust their smile with less noticeable braces, Invisalign can offer the best of both worlds.

Invisalign braces use clear plastic liners that look similar for nightguards for people who grind their teeth. However, they’re thinner and more subtle.

The process starts with a visit to your friendly Lexington orthodontist. We’ll examine your bite to make sure you are a candidate for Invisalign.

Next, we’ll take molds or scans of your teeth and send them to a lab. We’ll design a customized treatment plan to reach your alignment goals. The lab will create a series of Invisalign trays based on that plan.

Each Invisalign liner is designed to move your teeth one more step toward your goal. You’ll wear each liner for about two weeks before switching to the next in the lineup.

Invisalign braces are popular for several reasons. They’re more subtle than any other braces so patients feel less self-conscious about wearing them. You’ll also remove the braces when you eat and drink, so you don’t get food stuck around them like as you would with traditional braces.

At the same time, Invisalign braces are more expensive than most. After all, they require a fully new liner every few weeks, which adds up to a lot of customized materials.

3. Ceramic Braces

So far we’ve covered the most noticeable type of braces (metal braces) and the most subtle type (Invisalign). Ceramic braces land in the middle.

Ceramic braces use the same process to align your teeth that metal braces do: a bracket on each tooth with wires putting tension between them. The difference is that in ceramic braces, the brackets on the teeth are ceramic instead of metal.

The ceramic brackets are a similar color to natural teeth, so they blend in. While the wires are still metal, ceramic braces overall are less noticeable than metal braces. We also use clear elastics instead of colorful ones to hold the wires in place.

Of course, there is a price to pay for that subtlety. Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces.

4. Damon Braces

Damon braces are among the lesser-known options, but they are the perfect solution for some patients.

These braces have the same metal brackets on each tooth that you would see in traditional metal braces. Both the brackets and the wires are made of metal.

The difference is that Damon braces use specialized slide mechanisms to hold the wires in place. There is no need for colorful elastics to hold the wires, so Damon braces are more subtle than metal braces.

In addition to the difference in appearance, that slide mechanism allows Damon braces to adjust themselves.

That self-adjustment leads to fewer orthodontic visits. These braces also tend to produce faster results. For people who have busy schedules but want to enhance their smile, this can make Damon braces the perfect choice.

Finding the Perfect Orthodontic Options for You

Orthodontic braces are medical devices for a medical procedure. Like any other medical procedure, your braces need to be tailored to your specific needs.

Each orthodontic option has its pros and cons. They’re each also suited to different types of alignments.

This is why it’s so important to visit an orthodontist to discuss your options. After evaluating your bite and discussing your goals, we can determine which of these options above can provide for your needs.

We’ll also be able to discuss pricing and how your dental insurance factors in. Pricing will be different for each person depending on how much of an improvement you want and where your teeth are beginning. It’s important not to make assumptions based on anyone else’s experiences.

Taking the Next Steps Toward Your Straighter Smi;e

Your smile is a vital part of your look. It’s no wonder that misaligned teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence so much that they hide their smile.

Look at braces as investments in your future self. It may take time for you to get the results you want, but a few months of wearing braces is nothing compared to a lifetime of confidence.

If you are considering braces for yourself or your family member, the next step is to schedule an orthodontic visit. We’ll discuss all your orthodontic options, recommend the ones that fit your goals best, and explain what you can expect from the process.