You look in the mirror to make sure you look good. But instead of feeling good about what you see, you’re disappointed. Three in five adults feel disappointment when they see their smiles, so you’re not alone.

However, getting Invisalign can change this important trait. Invisalign provides straighter teeth in a less obvious manner. There is a downside to this system, though: pain. 

Naturally, you’ll experience some pain with all systems that straighten teeth. After all, your teeth must shift. 

Learning how to relieve tooth pain from Invisalign helps you manage it. Continue reading to learn the top ways.

Understand the Cause of Pain

Getting Invisalign provides a way to improve your smile. While you’ll reap many benefits of Invisalign, it’s not pain-free. You will experience pain from this treatment.

The purpose of Invisalign is to straighten your teeth. To do this, the aligners apply pressure to your teeth. The result is shifting. 

Getting straight teeth through orthodontics is uncomfortable. It can hurt and throb, especially each time you replace the aligners. But the pain isn’t unbearable or permanent. 

In fact, the pain dissipates as your teeth shift. You might feel it for a few days each time you put new aligners in, but it won’t last. 

The goal is to get through the worst parts of the pain by treating it with the right methods. 

Change Your Diet

The foods you eat can contribute to your pain. Eating the right foods can alleviate the pain. Eating the wrong things can worsen it. 

Therefore, you may need to change your diet to accommodate with the pain. 

First, avoid eating hard things, such as nuts and raw vegetables. These foods place extra strain on the teeth, highlighting the pain. 

Instead, eat softer foods. For example, eat cooked vegetables, cheese, and yogurt. Softer foods are easier to chew and won’t contribute to the pain.

Additionally, cut your food into smaller bites. The goal is to minimize your amount of chewing. Chewing will worsen the pain. 

Remove Them Properly

Your orthodontist will explain several things when you get Invisalign retainers, including:

  • What to expect
  • How much to wear them
  • When to replace them
  • When to remove them

They’ll also explain how to remove them. Removing them isn’t as simple as pulling them out. Instead, you’ll receive an aligner removal tool. 

Always use this tool when removing the aligners. The tool has a V-shaped notch that helps you remove the aligners. It also has a hook to help you place them. 

This tool helps you avoid damaging your gums when installing or removing them. Many people experience pain from the damage they cause when taking them out.

Use a Cold Compress

Invisalign tooth pain comes and goes, but you can find relief with a cold compress. Some people use ice or an ice pack. Others use a bag of frozen vegetables.

You can use anything cold to help alleviate the pain. For example, placing a cold rag in your mouth can soothe the pain for a while. Ice helps numb the pain and reduces inflammation as well.

If you crave crunching on something hard, chew on ice. While ice is hard, it won’t hurt your teeth. Instead, the coldness may soothe the pain you experience.

Try Orthodontic Wax

The pain Invisalign causes is a soreness of the teeth. Shifting causes this, but you can also experience other types of pain. 

For example, do your aligners rub against your gums? If so, they might cause pain and inflammation.

Your orthodontist custom creates the aligners to fit your specific teeth. Therefore, they might include sharp edges or jagged parts. These parts can harm your gums and cause irritation.

If they cause pain, apply some orthodontic wax to these areas. The wax will smooth out roughness, reducing this pain. The wax also protects your gums from damage caused by sharp aligner edges. 

People with traditional braces turn to orthodontic wax often. But people with Invisalign also benefit from using it. 

Apply a Topical Numbing Agent

Have you ever had a toothache? If so, have you tried applying a numbing agent? Oragel is one option, but there are others.

These numbing agents are safe to use orally. You apply a small amount to the areas that hurt. The ointment numbs the area, relieving the pain. 

Talk to your orthodontist about the best type to use. They can recommend options and give you tips for using it. 

Time Your New Aligners 

One of the best tips your orthodontist will offer is to time out when to start your new aligners. Timing the aligners means choosing the best time of day to start a new set.

A new set of aligners will be tighter than your current set. You’ll get a new set every few weeks as your teeth adjust. You can expect the new sets to hurt more than your current ones.

A tip to alleviate some of the pain when using a new set of aligners, is to start them right before bed. Switching your aligners before bed will help you teeth acclimate while you are sleeping. 

Wear Them as Much as Possible

Finally, it is crucial to wear your aligners as much as possible. Orthodontists recommend wearing them for 22 hours a day. This means taking them out only when you are eating or brushing your teeth.

Wearing them all the time gives the aligners time to work and adjust your teeth. If you rarely wear them, you’ll always feel pressure from them. 

You can help reduce the pain by utilizing all these tips. But they will only help if you keep the aligners in your mouth all the time.

Learn How to Relieve Tooth Pain From Invisalign

Whether you’re considering Invisalign or already have them, you should understand they will cause some pain and discomfort. Pain is a normal part of any orthodontic plan, but you can also learn how to relieve tooth pain from Invisalign.

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